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The following are provided as a source of information about gold foil, cast gold, & related materials.  They have been scanned with optical character recognition software and proof-read by our members, but may still contain mistakes.  If you find errors please let us know so as to correct them. More items will be posted as time permits.  If you have any of the articles and historical materials you could share with us please send us a copy or scan as a .tif file and mail it to us on a CD, USB, or e-mail attachment.


Chronological Listing of Direct Gold References - Most of the articles listed below are also linked in this reference.



Cohesive-Non-Cohesive Foil Fillings    C.A. Hintz DMD, 1939

Gold Foil:  Its Selection, Characteristics, Manipulation and Insertion      Erling Thoen DDS, 1941

Filling Class V Cavities With Gold Foil    W F Harper DDS, 1942

Proximal Gold Foil Filling Involving The Incisal Angle     A.B. Butter DDS, R.O. Green DDS, W.J. Simon DDS, 1943

Gold Foil    Gerald Stibbs DMD, 1946

An Appraisal of the Gold Foil Restoration    Gerald Stibbs DMD, 1949

Gold Foil     Paul W Kunkel DMD, 1953

Mat gold foil with a veneer cohesive gold foil surface for CL V restorations    John R Koser & Rex Ingraham    1955

The Cast for Gold Foil James G. Allison 1956

Fundamental Procedures in Gold Foil Operations     George Ellsperman DDS, 1958

Microstructure of Gold Foil And Mat Gold    Jean Turnbaugh Hodson MS    1961

Structural Density of Compacted Gold Foil & Mat Gold      Jean Hodson Ph D & Gerald Stibbs DMD, 1962

Conservative Class II Gold Foil    Bruce B Smith DMD, 1964

An Appraisal of Ultrasonic Compaction of Gold Foil    Jean Hodson, MS, Jerry Turnbaugh, SC.D, Gerald D Stibbs DMD  1967

Compaction Properties of Various Pure Gold Restorative Materials     Jean Turnbaugh Hodson MS 1968

Why Gold Foil?      Norwood E. Lyons DDS, 1968

Mat Gold-Gold Foil Restoration    Jose Medina     1968

A study of the compaction of Pure Gold into retention holes, convenience points and point angles in class III cavity preparations     Gregory E. Smith DDS, MS Dent, Jean T. Hodson, BS, MS,  Gerald D Stibbs DMD    1972

Physical properties vs. clinical performance of pure gold restorations     William A Richter & David B Mahler    1973

A Class III Cavity Preparation for Direct Gold: Modified Loma Linda Design    Harold E. Schnepper & Robert B Wolcott     1976

Gold Foil In Today's Practice    Gerald D Stibbs 1976

Class II Gold Foils Flexible & Durable    Bruce B Smith DMD 1977

Let's Make Another Restorative Available-the Direct Restorative Gold    Paul Blaser    1979

More and Better Foils: Forward by Fundamentals Rather than Back to Basics     Gerald D Stibbs DMD, 1979

Direct Golds in Dental Restorative Therapy      Gerald D Stibbs DMD, 1980

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Gold Restorations    Lawrence L Clark    1985

Direct Gold as A Practice Builder    R Craig Bridgeman    1986

Effectiveness of Direct Restorative Materials in Repairing Cast Restorations    T J Carlson, M A Cochran, M R Lund    1986

Direct Gold Restorations in Dental Education    Jose E Medina    1987

E-Z Gold: The New Goldent    K S Alperstein, L Yearwood, D Boston    1996

Restoring Class 6 Abrasion/Erosion Lesions with Direct Gold    H A St Germain, Jr & J E Rusz, Jr.    1996


Instructional Materials


Dental Formulary    Prinz 1911    (Book)

Gold Foil Operations     Dr. Walden I Ferrier    (Book)

Annealing Gold Foil      Morgan Hastings

SS White Separators     W I Ferrier Design

Electro-Mallet Instructions   McShirley

How to Get Started With Goldent    Morgan Hastings

EZ Gold     Dr. Lloyd Baum

Inconspicuous Cl III Powdered Gold Restoration    Creighton University

Instructional Materials Cl I Gold Foils     George Ellsperman Gold Foil Seminar

Instructional Materials Cl II Gold Foils    George Ellsperman Gold Foil Seminar

Instructional Materials Cl III Gold Foils    George Ellsperman Gold Foil Seminar

Instructional Materials Cl V Gold Foils    George Ellsperman Gold Foil Seminar

Loma Linda Gold Foil Seminar     Harold E Schnepper

Gold Foil Preparation    George Ellsperman Gold Foil Seminar

Rubber Dam and Retainers    George Ellsperman Gold Foil Seminar

Instrument Lists    George Ellsperman Gold Foil Seminar

Supply Lists & Suppliers    George Ellsperman Gold Foil Seminar

A wonderful DVD on the use of Rubber Dam is available from The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry the presenter is Hunter Brinker from Oveido, Florida (Link)

A excellent DVD on the Direct and Indirect Gold applications is available from The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry the presenter is Dr Richard V. Tucker from Ferndale, Washington (Link)


Historical Pictures


Dr. Bruce B. Smith & Dr. Maurice Hickey

Dr. George Ellsperman Clinical 1979

Dr Gerald Stibbs & Dr. George Ellsperman

Dr. George Ellsperman

Drs. Gerald Stibbs, George Ellsperman, Ian Hamilton & Richard V. Tucker

Drs. Ralph Plummer and Olin Loomis


Essays & Historical Materials


Presentation AFSC Given By Dr. Ludlow Beamish     Historian for the Associated Ferrier Study Clubs, May 10, 1996 Seattle, Washington

A Tribute to One of Dentistry's Immortals     George M. Hollenback

Suter Dental Company     By Bo Suter

Presentation to the AAGFO annual meeting 2000     By Dr. Bruce B. Smith

Fee Schedule Seattle Washington 1929

47th Annual Associated Ferrier Study Club Meeting 1976


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